Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Karen's newest family member!

Check out my new "nephew"! Isn't he adorable?

Last night, Karen and I met a WONDERFUL lady in Weatherford who sold Karen a precious Golden Retriever puppy named Nemo. (Jury's still out on whether or not he *remains* Nemo.) Kate has done a wonderful job training him...he has impeccable manners! And check out the pure BLISS on my sister's face!

Everyone in the family loves him already, but Molly, in particular, is over the moon. This morning, she sat outside with him in the cold after his morning romp. He's a giant love sponge and just absorbs all the love and affection his new humans have to offer.

Christmas came early to Breckenridge, Texas...thanks to Kate, a.k.a. Mrs Claus!

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Kirsten said...

So, how does the rest of the family like the new dog? I know Kristy loves him so much she ditched Harold's & me today. Well, we had fun anyway, and the " relish" was my dad's favorite :-)