Thursday, November 30, 2006


Today, we had a snow day. I won't complain that AISD didn't cancel school until I was dressed WITH MY BOOTS ON and that my car had already been warming up for about thirty minutes...I'll just gratefully take the day off and put up all the Christmas decorations--after I finish playing with these adorable dogs.

Misha went PLUM CRAZY when she saw the snow, romping and cavorting like she was a puppy again. (May Bee just thought it was something new to eat and did her best to consume a yard full of the white stuff.)

We played basketball...

And tennis!

Every dog's favorite--"Fetch (and fight over) the Stick!"

And who can forget the Tug-of-War rope? (It was frozen solid until Misha warmed it up with her slobber...)

Oh, and Squishy Whiffle Football, too.

You don't see many Abilene weather reports where the meterologist can hold up a snowball!

Our front yard and icy intersection.

But the best place to be on a snowy, cold day is in your basket...

Off to whip up another sugar-free hot chocolate...and READ!!!

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Anonymous said...

I love your pictures! I scrolled down to the bottom of your front page, and it was great to see such a loving family! Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope we keep in touch!