Sunday, November 05, 2006

Two a.m. Friends

Tonight's sermon was about the healing of the man whose friends lowered him through the roof to Jesus...the only one who could forgive the man's sins & heal his body, too. If they had lowered him through the roof of any other house in the world, he would have remained bedridden.

And the preacher reminded us of the importance of close friends, too...not just friends who are a step above acquaintances, but real companions--"two a.m. friends" who will
come help you in the middle of the night, if you need it. Friends who will get you to Jesus in any way they can...and that you will carry back to The Great Physician, if they ever need it.

Oh, and we learned about the word "Hallelujah" and its meaning and its beauty and its use in the Bible.
And the hymns tonight were amazing. (Church tonight was beautiful, btw.)

And speaking of Two A.M. Friends, here's a picture of one of mine:

Oh, and here's a picture for my brother, who graduated from AHS:

And here are pictures for all the dog lovers in my family:

I leave Friday for Michigan...full details when (if) I return!

Your two a.m. friend in Texas,

P.S. Thanks, Mom & Dad, for TWO of my "two a.m." friends! :-)


Kirsten said...

I'll have to tell Dan he made it on your blog :-) Now who is the star! Well, I guess we both made it, and Jaeger the "Rotti" too! Thanks!

Steelerfan06 said...

Nice choice of jacket Kris. Looks like the weather has finally dropped below "scorching" in Texas. Have a safe trip to MI!