Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Are you kidding me? SNOW?

SNOW? Seriously?

A high of 30? (26 degrees colder than the average daily temperature for this day.)

A delayed 10:00 start?

And the weatherman just said we won't see temps in the 40s again until NEXT WEEK?!?


We have SNOW and MISTLETOE. (And clouds of frozen breath.)

Misha got the paper...

...and is ready to trade it for her morning spoonful of PB!

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Kirsten said...

WEll, I was out already too, and bloged also! Is that a word?

Melanie said...

Hey my friend..... Welcome to New Hampshire weather! :) We are finally getting traditional winter weather.. our highs should only be in the twentys with a windchill of NEGATIVE twenty's! Tomorrow is suppose to be even colder... I wonder if the weatherman is getting the North & South confused?! LOL I have two suggestions for you... #1)Get the sleds out and go for a ride!(best sledding hill? In back of the local high school... remember?)
Laugh and have fun then #2)Pour some hot cocoa, grab a book & a quilt and cuddle up in front of a fireplace or woodstove! :) That is the best way to spend this kind of day... Here's to fun childhood memories!! Love Ya, ME.

Linda said...

Posted at 3:50 a.m.??? Darlin', are you an insomniac? Better buy some melatonin before you experience burn-out! Sleep is restorative, my child. I'm worried about you!

Love you "mucher,"

mad4books said...

No worries, Mom; Blogger uses Pacific time. (I was up at 4:40 with the dogs, but didn't get the photos uploaded and blog ready until 5:50...after THREE excursions outside, breakfast--human and otherwise, and two cups of coffee--for the human, of course.)

bo_berrin said...

Up at 4:40 a.m.??? You've officially turned into Nanny!