Sunday, January 14, 2007

Church is get your mittens on!

How my car has looked for THREE days...ever since Friday night!

Pretty. I wonder what kind of berries these are? Maybe I should eat some to find out...

Frozen Dumpster.

Frozen forsythia.
(I disturbed about twenty birds when I snapped this shot. They all flew right towards the flash, nearly causing frozen *britches.*)

Frozen cactus.

Frozen Traveller.

Frozen lantana.

And mistletoe.

Blurry romp.

Frozen oak.

Frozen tug-of-war rope.

Frozen tree stump in the backyard.


Frozen meter.

Everything encased in ice...beautiful, but SO scary. As I took these pictures, a car would occasionally CREEP by at two miles an hour...

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bo_berrin said...

LOVE the pictures! It's so cool that your pictures were used by the paper. I think the berries in your picture are pyracantha berries, but I could be wrong.