Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Random Thoughts...

*I didn't pull A muscle at the gym on Saturday. I pulled ALL of them. Note to self: Don't skip the gym for a month and then go to back-to-back weightlifting and yoga classes.

*A team from Houston came to the library last night and replaced eight of our twelve computers! They’re black with flat-screen monitors, and they look so pretty. The kids are gonna’ flip today…but no one’s gonna’ want to be stuck surfing on the old Amish GX100s…

*CNN just did a story on wolves that freaked May Bee out. The howling wolves made her run to the TV like she was going to fight it…and then run under the computer desk to hide under my knees!

*After Masterpiece Theater Sunday night (the touching and beautiful Jane Eyre), I snapped off the TV and fired up the laptop to see if this blog had any comments that needed approving. I must have nodded off at some point because the next thing I knew, I was opening my eyes and seeing the fifteen-year-old picture of Russell and Bethany making fun of my Santa Tree Topper on my monitor...and my heart swelled in my chest (seriously!) and filled with love and gratitude.

The words "Thank you! Thank you!" were out of my mouth as a prayer of thanks took audible voice before I knew what was happening. (Maybe because Jane Eyre was just so pitiful and didn't have any family members...and there was that one scene where she was stoic when she learned she'd inherited 20,000 pounds, but *giddy* with delight when she learned that her three rescuers were actually her cousins. She gave the reserved St. John an uncharacteristic hug that left them both amused…simply because she was so thrilled to have FAMILY.)

And here most of us are, swimming in family members we often take for granted! And since we don’t say it enough:

*Thank you, God for my beautiful/funny/aggravating/inspiring/WONDERFUL family!! (And thank you, wonderful family, for your heart-warming affection and love and kindness. Life in this world would be pretty grim without memories of Bobo’s buttermilk and love of words, Nanny’s award-winning back scratches, Karen’s light-hearted spirit, Russell’s “dere-it-is” and “petzel” and Stretch Armstrong and all of the ways he united our family, Dad’s stories and sermons, Mom’s love, Grandma Fowler and the crazy way she could become a monster by messing up her hair and popping her dentures out, Grandpa Fowler’s John-Wayne style steadfastness, Ricky’s innocence and enthusiasm…and the cool part is that these are just a *DROP* in the Family Well…)

Blessed and blessed and blessed,


Steelerfan06 said...

That's a very sweet endorsement of family, Kris, but you left yourself out. So....
"And thank you, God, for Kristy's unique, quirky, Mensa style of enjoying life, relationships, books, music, and Texas to the fullest."

Love you too,


mad4books said...

See what I mean? I have the coolest brother in the world! :-)

bo_berrin said...

Our family is so blessed to have YOU!!! I was thinking earlier when I wrote you about being able to laugh about past failures that if it weren't for you showing me, I probably wouldn't see the humor in all of it and I'd just be miserable. You're one of the biggest blessings God ever gave me, and I love you so much.

BTW, you can see in the photo you posted here that ONE of us was a good little girl who sat still for photos and haircuts, while the other one of us had to be physically restrained to do so. My free-spirited, lightheartedness (read ADHD) started young!

mad4books said...

See what I mean? I have the coolest sister in the world! :-)