Friday, November 09, 2007

Celebrity sighting!

Today, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison was in the DFW airport signing her book in the airport! (Oh, I'm in Michigan, btw.)

And here's some really special people, despite their lack of celebrity status...Franklin Broncos! (Guess you could call us "F list.") Now that our campus is closed, we meet once a month at Los Arcos.

Little Marty!
(Welcome to the world, Anson!)

(Notice only one nerd showed up in her Bronco gear. HA!!! What a loser!!!)


Kirsten said...

Yeah, she went off to Michigan and left me alone with 14 classes of 6th graders for check out...they didn't miss you at all!!! (Don't believe it...they (the kids) all hate me!)Hah, I don't let them do most of what they want to do. My feet are tired, my throat is sore...there is a reason I am not the librarian...too much talking to explain stuff...let's see if the lesson worked :-)
Well, I have a weekend to relax and Kristy spends it in Michigan. I have it warm and she might have snow. I think I lucked out...might just have to call for a holiday on Monday :-)

See ya, and have a little bit of fun!

Anonymous said...

Have a great trip, Splendafan, and take lots of pictures. I want to share your experience through your photos.

Check out your Aryan brother in his blog. There's a pretty little fraulein on the front row of the group photo that may look familiar, too.

Love ya,

mad4books said...

Too bad my batteries are dead...and NO, there are no extra batteries in my suitcase! Argh!!!

I'll try to snag some from Sara's Flickr page...