Thursday, November 15, 2007

Early Morning Conversation

Karen: “I don’t know what kind of eye drops the doctor used on Houston yesterday, but his eye is as dilated as it was last night!” (Houston got a chemical burn on his eye yesterday after a chemistry class did a lab on acids--and apparently didn’t wash the tables afterwards. Houston and another boy got burns just by sitting at the acid covered desks!)

Kristy: “He can borrow my sunglasses today. Or he can just go with an eye patch like Menachem Begin. Oh, wait…it wasn’t Begin. Who was that Israeli guy with the eye patch?"

Karen: “I have no idea. What year was that?”

Kristy: “I dunno. 1972, maybe?”

Karen: “I was seven that year. You were forty.”

Twenty minutes later:

Karen: “Have you ever heard Coach --- sing?”

Kristy: “YES! He’s amazing! He kinda’ reminds me of Shaft.”

Karen: “Who?”

Kristy: “You’ve never heard of Shaft? You never watched that show? Oh, never mind. I was forty in the seventies.”

Karen: “I remember some shows from the seventies. My first crush was Hutch from Starsky & Hutch.”

Kristy: “My first crush was Starsky!! I loved him and that beautiful car. I specifically remember wanting to be a grownup so bad during one episode when he made a right turn near a corner store…I particularly remember thinking that I couldn’t wait to be an adult because I could just pull in that store and buy a whole bag of Cheetohs for myself. I *could not wait* to be the boss of me…what I ate, when I went to bed, what I drove!”

Karen: “You are so funny. You were independent from the time you were born…at the age of forty.”

Kristy: “The ironic part is…now that I’m a grownup, my hips don’t want me to eat a whole bag of Cheetohs. I’m finally a grownup and I STILL can’t eat what I want!”

Karen: “Blog that.”


Dan said...

Moshe Dayan.
Isn't it great to be 40??

Melanie said...
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Melanie said...

I'd love to be a fly on your walls and listen to these conversations first hand!! :) LOL You both are just tooo funny! :)

How is Houston's eye doing??

mad4books said...

Great! He thinks his migraines are WAY worse than chemical burns on his eyeball...which tells me how awful a migraine must be...yikes!