Wednesday, November 21, 2007

In the wee, small hours...

...when crazy dreams wake you up, what do you do?

After I shot the two bad guys in my dream (and told the third one who was hiding in a cupboard to "drop it" and surrender), the police instructor told me that I handled the situation badly. You apparently have to identify yourself and give them the opportunity to "drop it," even if there are THREE of them and they have already killed your partner. Glad to wake up from that dream, I lay there thinking it's a good thing the Abilene Police Department doesn't need me because I'm clearly NOT law enforcement material....

...which reminded me that Jeff Cooper & my dad (both law enforcement material) tell you to always be aware of your surroundings, but when I'd come into the house earlier, I had a dog on a leash, my purse, my school clothes & shoes (I'd just worked out in shorts & sneakers), AND was talking on the cell phone to my mom, checking on Dad who is in the hospital. So I grabbed a flashlight, car keys, and a trusty black hound to venture outside at 2:48 a.m. to be sure the car was locked so Jeff Cooper and my dad would be proud of me.

***quick pause to pray for Dad and to ask YOU to pray for him, too!! please pray that his leg will be healed and that he and diabetes come to working terms with each other since they have to live together for many years***

Well, there was no sleeping after that, so from 2:50 until after 5:00, it was time for a delicious reading opportunity. I finished the delightful French children's book The Pull of the Ocean by Jean-Claude Mourlevat (a former German teacher!) and read the introduction and first three chapters of Barbara Brown Taylor's Leaving Church. Yum.

Hoping your Thanksgiving Eve is filled with tasty books,

P.S. Did you hear the Jeff Bezos interview on NPR? What do you think of Amazon's Kindle? (399 dollars? Gulp. Good thing there's free shipping...)

UPDATE: After watching the Kindle video on the link above, I'm hooked. This will be the Christmas present I want NEXT year, when the price comes down a smidge and the glitches are all worked out...


Thos. B. Fowler said...

Miss Fondle needs a Kindle. Come to think of it...her Dad needs one too.

Enjoyed the blog!


Misadventures of the Dynamic Uno said...

Interesting dream...sounds like some of mine! :) Sony has their Reader, which is $299, but they've just revamped it and the price is coming down within the next couple of months. :) AND as long as a book is in a pdf file, you can load it on to the Reader. (Of course, I just bought a Zune, and it will do the same thing.) :)