Wednesday, February 06, 2008


This is weird, but it seems like every time I come to Austin for a conference, something BIG is happening on the news (the Columbia space tragedy, the Pope's funeral, etc.)--and last night was Super Tuesday across the nation...and Fat Tuesday in Austin and New Orleans! (I watched about half an hour or so of election results before crashing into bed, still a little weak from being so sick on Sunday and Monday. Bethany went to a soccer game and had fun, even though her team lost.)

Speaking of Bethany, she just made a delicious vegetarian feast of broccoli with lime juice, squash topped with cheese, and buttered/toasted Whole Foods bread on the hotel stovetop burner, and now we're cuddling up in bed with some good books! (Heavenly!)

And tomorrow--Falisha joins us!! The three of us have tickets for tomorrow night's "Eighties Power Ballads Sing-Along" at the Alamo on Sixth Street! Fun, fun...well, you know...FUN!

The conference is a blast, too. Every class so far has been a winner! Oh, one great site a presenter named Patrick Crispen shared with us? GOOG411.

One silly site he shared? NetDisaster. (Mr. Crispen, from California, made a kid "vomit" on the U.T. web site...pretty daring when speaking to an Austin audience in a giant ballroom! OTOH, he had just unleashed a chainsaw on A&M so I guess that helped him get away with it.)

Oh, and one of my all-time favorite sites, The Institute of Official Cheer, was included on his handout! (One time, years ago, Karen and I toured The Gobbler Motel & Supper Club--"The Grooviest Motel in Wisconsin"--on this site and laughed until we WEPT!)

Having fun...and hoping May Bee is behaving herself,

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Misadventures of the Dynamic Uno said...

Can't wait to hear about the concert! I hope you feel better soon! :) Hugs from sunny Florida!