Sunday, February 03, 2008

It's gonna be okay.

No matter the surname of our next President--Obama, Clinton, McCain, Romney, or my personal favorite, HUCKABEE--it's all going to be okay.

President McCain? Cool! He's a hero and a maverick and he never, ever quits. His mom is great, too.

President Obama? Great! In fact, one of my all-time favorite words is "hope." I may vote for him myself! (Oh, and wouldn't it be nice to have children in the White House again?)

President Clinton? Hmm. My least-favorite option, but still okay. She's a woman (finally!), she's a committed Christian, and Karen will finally have health insurance. (Yeah, Hillary married an idiot, but lots of us have done that and lived to tell the tale.)

President Romney? Fine. The man can run stuff, that's for sure, and he's committed to faith and family. How refreshing.

President Huckabee? The author of From Hope to Higher Ground? A girl can dream! In fact, I agree with him on nearly every issue (the environment, how abortion stops a beating human heart, the economy, fair taxation, the importance of integrity, and the epidemic of American obesity...especially among our children--our FUTURE!), and his appearance on The Daily Show proves he can hold his own with poise and good humor.

No matter who wins...the Lord still reigns, reading and dog-walking are still fun and free, being a librarian is still the perfect job, Bethany and Falisha are still dear and beautiful, May Bee still loves her mommy, and my family is still WONDERFUL!

Blessed and HOPEful,

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