Saturday, April 12, 2008

Googlegängers & Retail Therapy

We truly are "fearfully and wonderfully made!"

This week, one of the science teachers and I were discussing the possibility that this planet came from nothing, by accident, from materials that were created by no one...that a cell (made by nobody) crawled from a sea (made by no one) and spontaneously divided and mutated into the diverse animals of the sea & land & air of this Beautiful Blue Marble in a Gloriously Spectacular Universe.

And the fact that the incredibly complex human creatures make music and cry over poetry and sometimes sacrifice their own lives...well, that doesn't make any sense. Beings who are passionate about art and beauty and music and relationships and IDEAS sound like they were made in the image of a Creator. For me, believing in a Big Bang story is harder than believing that God set evolution in motion. Ben Stein and many others maintain that you can believe in God *and* science...instead of being mutually exclusive, they make MORE sense together.

And speaking of the complex human species and your amazing brain, check out these articles!

*This morning on NPR's Marketplace, scientists showed that SHOPPING can stimulate the brain in the same way physical intimacy can. (No wonder so many people love shopping! And those cute new shoes won't make you watch sports or spend time with in-laws...) They stuck program host Tess Vigeland in an MRI machine and watched her brain shop. Fascinating!

*Have you found your "Googlegängers" yet? A quick Google search of your name will reveal all sorts of people around the world with your same moniker. Here's the weird are predisposed to judge them favorably. According to this article, social scientists say it's because "...human beings are unconsciously drawn to people and things that remind us of ourselves. A psychological theory called the name-letter effect maintains that people like the letters in their own names (particularly their initials) better than other letters of the alphabet."

So hats off to any KGFs out there! Fly your Fowler flag proudly! (And call me if you see any hot sales...)

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Misadventures of the Dynamic Uno said...

The other HRTs out there were models and let's just say I can only DREAM to look like that! All the others have records--and I'm not talkin' about driving! Favorably...not so much! I wonder if I should look up what I was going to be named?