Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Staircase vs. Highway

The best thought from today's faculty meeting came from our principal:

"It's a STAIRWAY to's a HIGHWAY to Hell. The stairway is difficult, and it takes effort to climb, and each year you grow older or have a few extra pounds to carry, and the staircase gets even harder! And sometimes you may be tempted to slide along that wide, even, easy highway with all the rest, but I assure you, ladies and gentlemen...Heaven will be worth it. Keep climbing that staircase."

Glad to be among friends on the staircase,


Steelerfan06 said...

I really liked the stairway vs highway point. Good modern music analogy.
Sir Ken Robinson is a great speaker. I'd never heard of him, but enjoyed the lecture. Teachers are certainly in the business of developing one's potential, equipping with the tools to create and improve. It seems to me the challenge is to find the individual's interest, and even then, to prune and mold as needed. The same reaction happens to both a bush and virus when introduced to the perfect growth scenario if pruning/treatment are absent: uncontrollable growth to the point where the host is no longer recognizable or valuable.

So the moral to this story is to prune your shrubs while they are little, lest they become volatile, vicious viruses.

mad4books said...

Good point, Bro! Fertilization and watering, without a watchful eye or judicious pruning, are just irresponsible. It takes a special teacher to get you to stretch and grow without toppling over...

Brave Sir Robin(son) is a good speaker, huh? He was probably the most popular professor in his department "at university."

Linda said...

Zwei schoene maedele, ya!

I love your shirts, ladies.

Meet you on the stairway,


Irene said...

Hi! I really like the analogy here. These are the ones that stick in my brain best and pop back out at the pefect times. I have to say you must have the most fun t-shirt collection in your closet!