Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Have you read this blog entry, written by a Baltimore, Maryland man, which mentions my dad? It's terrific and you'll LOVE it, but anyone who refers to Pastor Fowler as a "soft-spoken, gentle man" has clearly NOT had a spanking from him.

(I had to read that line twice. Dad's spankings were epic, the stuff of legend!)

However, soft-spoken, gentle men live ROCK ON, DAD! You make the whole family proud! Have a great birthday.


Anonymous said...

Aaaaw, that was so sweet! You are right about those spankings, though!

I wish we could have downloaded the Baltimore man's blog. Here's the message we got:

"Sorry, we couldn't find" What am I doing wrong?

Your dad felt really special after the morning phone call. Thanks, y'all!


Kirsten said...

Oh, then let me add my "Herzlichen Glueckwunsch zum Geburtstag". Just can't do without that German! Many more to you Mr. Fowler :-)

Melanie said...

A most happy & blessed birthday to you Mr. Fowler!! Thanks for helping to make some special memories of my childhood! I remember one time watching scary movies in your living room... I think that you played them on a movie screen! It might have been one of Kristy's birthday... I just remember that we had a blast!!
Love, Melanie