Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Media Blitz

You know how everyone has their fifteen minutes of fame? Well, mine are officially OVER. It's time to toil in happy obscurity again, sixteen minutes later.

Here's the stroll down Media Memory Lane...

The dog lover in the newspaper:


The baroque music lover on the radio:

The librarian on TV:



Sweet Misha!


Keeping cool in the heat,

Ol' What's-her-name (who thinks that pool picture is looking really refreshing right now)


Steelerfan06 said...

I hadn't heard the KACU radio bit until today. Nice job sis! You're only baroque on Sunday? I'm baroque all the time. :-)

Robert (Son of) Young said...

I don't know about cinnoman but "Chronicals" is called "Robert is a hypocrite because he gives spelling tests in Korea, and can't spell hymsilf, has always hated spelling because the English alphabet stinks, and has no memory for such trifling matters. Oh, and his librarian mother never called him on it" ;)