Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Reasons I love my church #48-50.

Our preacher read us THREE selections tonight from one of my family's *all-time favorite* books, Letters from a Nut by Ted Nancy...and then he seamlessly tied it into the lesson. (Our family is Ted Nancy-crazy, especially after we read his book aloud to each other on a long car ride to the Greensboro Airport. We were hysterically laughing and wiping away tears and gasping and holding our aching sides by the time we arrived at GSO; you can't even say "Pip the Mighty Squeak" to Karen without her snorting milk out of her nose! Even if she's not drinking any, which is kinda weird...)

Oh, and the lesson? It was about the intimate nature of the creation of Man--not spoken into being, but formed from the dust and with God's breath in his nostrils. And how Adam's first thought upon seeing his companion was not how different Eve was, but how similar she was. And how we're *both* "male and female" created in His image. Yeah, great lesson...thought-provoking and deep and satisfying.

Then, one of the ladies invited ALL of the ladies to stay for finger sandwiches, brownies, lemon bars, fruit, etc. for a dinner she prepared for us all by herself. We laughed and talked and prayed and visited with each nice.

Blessed and blessed...and about to drift off to sleep...

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