Monday, June 30, 2008


Whoever is spamming me, you really need to quit. Not only is Gmail *uncannily accurate* at filtering out your blah-biddy-blah, but you don't even make it the least bit appealing for a 40-something female librarian.

Here's some of the latest tempting offers from the gmail Spambox:

"Dyann Hout" wants to tell me about "Canadina chemists" who can save me 90% on medical bills.

"blayne lauramae" wants me to click on her "Hilary porno." (I'm not kidding. As if.)

bfsssx wants to offer me "Power in my Pants" (he obviously doesn't know about my love for beans), and charls thinks I'm going to click on "She will fondle your nerve endings."

Ah, the satisfaction of hitting "Delete all spam messages now" and seeing "Hooray, no spam here!" It's the adult equivalent of eliminating a really potent teen pimple!

(Potent Teen Pimple. I'll bet *that* will be in my Spam folder next week...)

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Kirsten said...

So I am thinking I am opening my gmail and read that Kristy send me an email...the next thing I read is "don't spam me"...I didn't do any such she telling me something here or what...oh, I am reading her blog...whew...saved on that one! I really need to watch what I am doing or I am giving myself the shock of a lifetime...:-)