Monday, June 02, 2008

Mysterious Monday

Life's little mysteries...from our house this morning...

What in the world used our yard as its potty last night?
Is this porcupine poo?
Feline feces?
Possum poop?
Skunk scat?

What are these crazy pods? What kind of strange tree grows outside Houston's window?

Note to burglars: If you get by the electric fence, you'll meet the REAL danger to your life & limbs...Bennett.

Everyone says that May Bee is so scary and bad, but Bennett is the one who burst through the front door to attack another dog in the street! Karen had to run outside and try to pull him off the other dog, while apologizing to the other dog's owner...oh, and another time, Karen wrenched her back, trying to keep Bennett from eating a man who approached us during a walk.

And don't even get Houston started on the time Bennett wanted to leave teeth marks on all people & creatures (including Kirsten's Rottweiler & Siberian Husky) at Red Bud Park!

Sweet Saint May Bee loves all of God's creatures!
(Here she is trying to save the soul of the winking, snarling Pirate Dog;
she's probably whispering Scripture in his ear.)


Irene said...

you put a poo picture on your blog!!!! :D

Karen Freeman said...

There's a line, and you just crossed it! (((shudder)))