Monday, July 14, 2008


Last night, Karen and I finally watched The Green Mile together. (Ages ago, Karen made me promise not to see that movie with anyone else, and it was so wonderful. How ridiculous of me not to see TGM until 2008!)

Tonight, it's going to be Rabbit-Proof Fence! Wheeee!

Feeling sad and left out of the Chick Flick Fun? Here are some "flicker shows" for you!

Apparently, raising kids would have been a lot easier if I'd had a Wii Fit when Bethany was little. (BTW, my Wii name at Kirsten's is Krii-sty.)

Or maybe it would have been easier raising a baby if we'd had a dog:

UPDATE: Yesterday, NetFlix brought us the original British version of The Office so we're saving Rabbit-Proof Fence until the girls get back from camp. Oh, and of course I fell asleep during the FIRST episode (yes, my transformation into Mom is complete!), and Karen snapped a photo of me, dead to the world, with the bra I'd removed across my knees. She thinks this is hilarious.

(God gives you sisters to keep you humble.)

Oh, and I found an interesting take on The Green Mile here. During the movie, I turned to Karen and said, "His initials are J.C."...but there was so much more. The unexplained scars, the character named Delacroix, the church-style seating in the execution room, John Coffey's "halo" as he marveled at his first movie, the scorn and heckling as an innocent man was put to death. (Did I mention how great The Green Mile was? Stephen King and anyone who played a part in bringing this "flicker show" to the Big Screen should be proud!)

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