Thursday, July 24, 2008

Whiskers on kittens.

Here's a new Favorite Thing...

Yesterday night, our preacher's wife taught Bible class. She talked to us about physical fitness and nutrition...about not buying products with high fructose corn syrup...about taking care of our "temples" so that we may take care of others...and she made us get down on the floor and EXERCISE!!

At one point, I turned to Kayla (doing push-ups beside me) and said, "Please tell me you brought your camera." She ran and grabbed it from her purse, and she got one or two good shots of EVERYONE on the church floor. We did lunges, stretches, push-ups, a relaxation exercise, and then ate a healthy snack (peanut butter balls made with natural, no-sugar-added PB) when we broke into small groups.

I can NOT stop thinking about how much I love my weird little church family!!!!!

Another Favorite Thing? Shorpy!

Today's funniest comment came from "Anonymous Tipster" after this photo at

"My grandfather used to say there's no controlling young men once they've smelled gasoline and tasted lipstick."

HA!!!!! How funny was that guy's grandpa?

(There was no controlling me after I got a library card.)

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