Monday, July 07, 2008

How do you say "yuck" en Espanol?

Well, the last outing to Mary's wasn't quite as successful as June's Escamocha Escapade.

What to choose...what to choose?

I like the Tornado...when they hold the salt and chile! If you just want the fruit drizzled with lime juice, be SURE to say, "Lime juice only, please!"

The tamarindo ice cream bar is kinda' gross; Misha had to finish most of mine once. The watermelon is delicious--AND you can get that one in the sugar-free version! Yum! (I can't bring myself to order the "guaba.")

Here's what Houston ended up devouring...looks good! And I owed him a double-scoop waffle bowl since I've been taking his sisters to Mary's after church lately...

Oma chose wisely, too!
Opa und Lion denken Mary's Eiscreme schmekt gut!

Kirsten is even enjoying her CHEESE-flavored ice cream cone.

But I decided to try the salads the people in front of us ordered last Sunday night. I *loved* how they gave me a whole bottle of hot sauce and let me add as much as I want! Cabbage and avocado sounded a little weird, but it must be yummy if it's from Mary's, right?


The giant white onions that you see in the picture were, in actuality, PICKLED PIG FAT...and it took me several bites to realize that the disgusting taste was coming from the "onions."

When I took one of my onions to the counter to ask the clerk what it was...and she told me...oh, ick. Oh, ICK! Full-bore gross-out! (I'll take bugs in my escamocha any day!)

Learned her lesson--and only ordering chile-free/salt-free Tornadoes from now on,

P.S. Did you shudder? I'm still shuddering...and am suddenly not hungry for lunch at all...


Kirsten said...

Hah! I'll take the CHEESE-flavored ice cream over Kristy's pickled pig fat any time! You had to be there to get the full Kristy! She did keep asking if I wanted to try it, and she is the one who made a face to my ice actually was delicious and I think it was made with Riccota cheese :-) and even the picky Lion had a taste!

Tammy M. said...

I need to go and try the Tornado today. I actually have a jar of salt and chile mix that I bought at HEB and I love to sprinkle it on my watermelon. I try not to use it often because it has msg in it, but it is so yummy.
I love the mango and chile popsicle.