Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mom!

I love you with all my heart! Can't wait to see you again. (Karen and I will spoil you completely rotten!)

Have a happy birthday, Momma.


Kirsten said...
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Kirsten said...

Happy Birthday also from me! Kristy has been talking about today all week long, and then I still forgot...! Yep, when you come to Texas we'll spoil you, I'll have you over for another good meal...anything you would like! So, when are you coming? Your daughters are waiting for you...:-)

Yeah, have to proof read before posting :-)

Bluebonnetgirl said...

Thanks, Kirsten. I can't say with certainty when I will be coming to TX, but I can say that I am certainly homesick! I need a good dose of TX--and Harold's bar-b-q, some good Mexican food, a trip to the Burger Barn, and some good Thai food. Abilene is certainly a culturally diversified city--I love it!