Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy stuff...

One of our special students came into the library recently, and I noticed that one of our names is the same. I squealed that she must be my cousin, and she smiled from ear to ear. (She must have moved here after school started because she didn't look familiar and she didn't have a photo in her library profile.)

I told her to come on in my office so I could snap a nice, tight close-up of her face to go in our circulation software so that no one could ever accidentally check out a book on her account. After fetching the camera out of my desk drawer, it was my turn to grin from ear to ear. When I turned around, our New Favorite Student had assumed a pose for the camera that was rather unique.
(It breaks my heart to have to crop her sweet face out of this photo and rob you of her million dollar smile, but I must. She may have some challenges in this life, but summoning smiles and sharing happiness are two of her strengths!)

Note to thieves: I don't really keep the school's camera in my office.

On second thought: Thieves, if you are desperate for a 6-pound digital camera that takes FLOPPY DISKS, it's in my top drawer under the Girl Scout cookies.

On third thought: If you take the Girl Scout cookies, I will come after you.

Oh, and Young Cousin isn't the only student who made Kirsten & me smile recently. During last week's Diseases Unit, we had a worksheet where kids had to find answers in books and on computers. One question, about preventing insomnia, asked the three things doctors recommend to ward off sleeplessness--a balance of rest, recreation, and exercise. One of Mr. Tate's students, however, made up her own much more interesting answers: caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol.

Other happy stuff: Did you see What Would You Do? on ABC last night? (Featuring TEXAN John QuiƱones, btw!!)

*At least FOUR of the people who intervened when an elderly person appeared unable to drive were teachers, including one big, burly guy named Aaron Shorr. (Aaron Shorr is FANTASTIC--here's hoping his students brought him apples today!) You can see a clip of the social experiment here.

*Oh, and you would have stood up and cheered at how many people refused to let a little girl go off with a stranger in a public park! Whether he looked scary or well-dressed, people of all ages put themselves in danger to save a little girl, and I have a lump in my throat just thinking about it. The economy may be in the toilet, and our politicians may act like two year-olds sometimes (when they aren't buying/trading Senate seats and influence), and it may seem like our country is going to Hell in a handbasket, but when average Americans see a child in danger, they act. At least two of the people PUT THEIR OWN BODIES between the actor playing Mr. Stranger Danger and the child actress playing the Innocent Girl Alone on the Swings. You can see that clip here.

Last happy thing? This morning at the Y, sweating and pedaling for all I'm worth on the exercise bike while watching the news, I saw a close-up of my own hands. The camera swept the crowd at a meeting I attended, focused on the speaker, scanned the crowd again, and then zoomed in on my hands as I read the packet we were given at the door. Thank goodness Falisha and I gave ourselves manicures on Valentine's Day as we watched Spaced!

Yikes. Gotta run! Church starts in SIX MINUTES!!!

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The Driskells said...

You always make me laugh! Thank you for sharing your wit and humor!
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