Saturday, February 21, 2009

Time travel @ your library!

Madison Junior High Punk Day, 1983!

Madison Middle School Reenactment, 2009!

Thanks to Julie Myers for sharing the photo at the top, and to Kathie Goldman Springfield for sharing it with the Madison gang...and for reenacting it with me. I giggled all day long.

Oh, and some things never change...check out the nasty old book drop. Still orange, still covered in groovy floral decals...but missing more laminate covering...and you should see the state of the remaining foam in the bin! (Shudder.)

Check out the fine print:

You officially have my permission to use the photo taken by me in the Madison Junior High library in 1983, showing Bret Shumacher and Karla Standley posing in sunglasses. I am thrilled to have it be a part of MJH history!

Julie Myers


Kirsten said...

Okay, I should have checked Dan's closet, I probably could come up with the same shirts, more washed out but still the same (unless Jason already confiscated them :-))

Melanie said...

You guys are too funny!! Way to have fun at 'work'?!! :) IF only the librarians were this creative & fun when we were kids....

Bluebonnetgirl said...

Amen, Mel! I don't even remember who the librarian was when you girls were students in Plymouth, but he/she must have been non-descript. That will never be said of Kristy, who connects with her students, and faculty as well. But I remember the old dowdy grouch who was the librarian at W. B. Ray HS (Farrah Fawcett's alma mater and mine, too).

Today's library at Madison certainly has more eye-appeal than it had in 1983. I LOVE the antique desk--a Currier & Ives touch to the decor and a relic from my schooldays! JK, of course!