Sunday, June 24, 2007


Recently, May Bee (who has never done a naughty thing in her life...HA!) chewed the gas tubing off of Mike's barbecue grill. So, after our Saturday morning walk/run, the dogs both received yummy new compressed rawhide bones from Jackson Brothers (supposedly safer than regular bones or rawhide) that was supposed to keep them busy for a while. Feeling much better about May Bee's chances of living through the weekend, I hit the highway for an evening of Aunt Duty.

After picking up our Fandangle tickets (for the "oldest outdoor theatrical performance in Texas"), we toured the Shackleford County courthouse. Houston is up at the very tippy-top of this BEAUTIFUL, old, creaky wooden staircase!

The Freeman Family Players present Inherit the Weird.

We love Dyess Air Force Base...and are so thankful for brave men like our Grandpa and uncles and Albany native William Dyess!

Dr. Konczak, one of the best teachers at Madison, was there in period dress. Don't say "costume!" (In the words of Basil Fawlty, "I said it once, but I think I got away with it!")

Houston cracked corn...and Hannah didn't care. (Stole that joke from Karen.)

We felt so sorry for the poor reenactors in their WOOLEN dress. It wasn't as it could have been or as hot as it usually is, but it was still June in Texas. They fired the cannon every half hour and fired their muzzleloaders, too, for the enthusiastic crowd.

That evening, just before sundown, it was time for...


These kids are so great, and I love them SO MUCH! If, God forbid, their parents can not fulfill their parental responsibilities for some reason, they can always count on Aunt Kristy...

This picture doesn't show how fast the riders were going! One time, about twenty horsemen did a flying full-field, criss-cross, high speed maneuver where they missed each other by inches and the crowd gasped like we were watching the Blue Angels!

Hmm...Houston and I were a little nervous about being this close to longhorns that were rounded up from the back. (A ring of cowboys on horses kept them from running backwards into the brush, but NOTHING seemed to be keeping them fom running into us, however.) We were scoping out the exits, just in case, throughout this whole section of the play, but it turned out to be perfectly safe and one of our favorite parts!

As for the play was good and we all liked it...but the production could have used the help of the Freeman Family Players. (The kids told me later that the best part of their evening was the tractor ride from the parking lot to the theater!)

Oh, and thank goodness for Eagle Eyes Houston, who found the car in the dark sea of cars after the play ended. It was scary and dark and that place was PACKED!

Then, this morning at church we heard another great message from Brother Riddlehoover. I'm ordering the sermons from the last two weeks from the church secretary tomorrow. (Sure wish Dad's church taped the sermons...I'd buy them all!!!)

And finally, this dog is so great, and I love him SO MUCH! If, God forbid, his family can not fulfill their parental responsibilities for some reason, he can always count on Aunt Kristy and his new cousin, May Bee...


Anonymous said...

You certainly were keeping some great company this weekend, weren't you, Aunt Kristy? The spirit of William Dyess must be pleased with his hometown's Fandangle and the living history exhibit with the likes of Dr. Konczak and other historians who care enough to don wool in June in Texas so that others may experience learning. And I'll bet Aunt Kristy remembered her sunblock, didn't she? I wish I could have joined y'all! Yee-haw!!

Melanie said...

Looks like you guys all had a blast together!! :) Every child should have such a 'special auntie' to dote on them!! Sure have some lucky kids there!! :) Love the pictures...


Steelerfan06 said...

At least the soldier re-enactors were used to being sweaty and miserable, being yankees. Who let them into Texas anyway?
Looked like a fun weekend!

Misadventures of the Dynamic Uno said...

Yikes! Longhorns on the loose! It looks like you had a wonderful time--I love the pictures!