Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Happy National Columnist's Day!

The NPR calendar KACU gave me for helping with this spring's Pledge Drive hangs proudly on my bathroom wall...or...well, at least it has ever since the "Men of Texas Libraries" seemed just a little too naughty and had to come down (even though ALL of the male librarians are clothed and calendar sales raised money for a good cause!).

So, anyway, today the NPR calendar informed me that it's National Columnist's Day which got me to thinking...who's my favorite columnist? Is it a stretch to say Anne Lamott is a columnist even though she no longer writes her "Word by Word" column for Salon.com?

Oh, who cares? If anyone needs celebrating, it's Anne Lamott. She and Haven Kimmel make our lives better, plain and simple. But since Kimmel has never been a columnist (and since I've gushed about her on this blog before), feel free to sample for yourself Ms. Lamott's way with words. And it doesn't hurt that the link for this story is about one of humankind's most favorite subjects: DOGS.

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