Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Did you hear that great story this morning on NPR's Morning Edition?

The one about the uncle who made the playlist for his niece's wedding? Great list, sweet music...and even though it was a little modern for my taste and didn't have any Peter Maffey, you should check it out.

One of the classic songs on Mr. Thompson's playlist (you may want to get a tissue handy)

And here's one NOT included on his list that gave me *goosebumps* the other day:
"So Bist Du" by Peter Maffey on Hit Parade

Happy listening!


Kirsten said...

You ought to say that those Peter Maffey hits were from the "early" 70's! Have to bring another CD to work today and introduce you to some more "Schnulzen" :-)

irene said...

Uh, no goosebumps for me....I don't have a clue what he's saying. I did notice that he strangely resembles Heath Ledger.

Love the Cash/Carter song! I've never heard it before. Thanks for sharing.