Saturday, June 23, 2007

Raised eyebrows...

...are what you get when you do a mile and a half at the park with one dog and then the second mile and half with a different dog!

After a great walk/run with May Bee, I went home and swapped dogs. (Listening to Misha cry from the backyard when I left the house with May Bee was just too heartbreaking.)

The FUN part: Sharing the joy with both of my babies and the puzzled looks of those who had complimented my black dog on the first lap.

The NOT-SO-FUN part: To avoid having to listen to Misha's crying and whining as we drive to the far side of the park, I've started parking at the closest lot to my house...the one near what I generously call "The Grove."

Well, The Grove is home to some of the meanest mockingbirds in Abilene, and while Kirsten and I laughed and laughed the other day watching a squirrel get dive-bombed, it wasn't so funny when they did it to May Bee & me!

EVEN WORSE, when they came after Misha (yes, I parked there again, but thought they would leave us alone if we didn't cut through the grass), one of them left a "calling card" on her back, if you know what I mean. ICK!

Next Saturday morning, I hope to walk and run the 5K in Albany! Maybe Molly, the runner in Karen's family, will join's only $10 for kids!

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Kirsten said...

So, just an around the other side and the dogs won't bypass the park :-) Try it out one of these days...longer in the car, but no Mockingbird least not yet. No wonder May Bee is trying to attack the Prairie Dogs in their 'pen'!

Good luck running the Albany 5K! Better you then me...while you run and sweat think of me roasting in the pool :-0 I think that will be so much more fun then running in the sun :-)

I guess you are going to start moving closer to Albany so you don't have to drive so far pretty soon.