Sunday, August 05, 2007

The green-eyed monster...

Trying to keep my jealousy at bay today...since BOTH of my siblings got to hear Dad's sermon this morning! That's right--Mom and Dad are having another summer Church Homecoming as two of their chicks are spending a weekend back in the nest.

Email it to me, Dad! (It won't be the same as hearing your sermon while sitting in the same pew with a sainted mother, sweet sister, and handsome brother, but it's better than nothing.)

the lone baby bird in Texas


Anonymous said...

Your jealousy may be assuaged slightly by the knowledge that Russ couldn't stay for church...he had to be back at PR for a life-group leaders' meeting. We were sorry to see him go, but we understood the importance of his being there to attend the leaders' meeting, since he and Amanda Faye are starting a life group for young married couples in their home in September.

We missed you so much this weekend, and all we could talk about was how much better it would be if you were with us. We laughed a lot, ate a lot, and loved a lot! GREAT TIME for Dad and Mom, and I hope the children can say that it was good for them, too.

Love you,

chinachat said...

I'll be in Abilene later in the fall and I'll take you up on coffee. :)

Tom said...

I am all for assuaged jealousy. Best kind, I think.

Am working on love, unrequited...much harder.

The Family missed you, Miss Fondle...the laughter was not quite as frequent, nor as hardy, without you.

Fix that, will you?