Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wordy Wednesday

August has been BUSY and really interesting. Not only did I do three days of staff development, but I also helped the Tech Support Center set up and check the district's computers. Our computer techs work really hard, and now the teachers who worked side-by-side with them have a new appreciation for just HOW hard! Oh, and we worked in many, many rooms/wings/buildings without air conditioning.

Without air conditioning, y'all. In Texas. In August. (Did I mention that I have a new respect for our computer tech team?)

Here are a few memories of the past week:

Server issues and cables. (Lots and lots of tangled network cables, printer cords, keyboard and mouse cords, power cords, computer phone cables, power strips, extension's a wonder I haven't dreamed about a massive tangle of cords that won't come undone!)

Gum under desks. (Crickets, too!)

Sometimes with every color of the rainbow...

Here's a computer lab we built...without network cables. Without DESKS, even!

"Old Age and Treachery"
This sign in one of the district's gyms cracked me up. (I worked for years with the coach who wrote it...and he's a BIG y'all feel free to point out his terrible grammar, but I'm keepin' my big mouth shut!)

In front of Woodson Early Head Start. (We worked on computers all over the district this week...offices, elementary schools, high schools, you name it!)

Elementary schools are more fun, though. Madison doesn't have any statues like this...

This giant statue reminded me of Tanzy, our city zoo's elephant who died a couple of days ago at the age of 49. Now that Tanzy is has gone to that Great Veldt in the Sky, they're going to permanently move her exhibit mate, Tanya, to another zoo. Going to the zoo just won't be the same...

Story at .

UPDATE: Oh, I forgot to tell you--the four days of hard work at Tech Support were actually FUN! You could order onion rings to go with your Harlow's burger, knowing you would work them off/sweat them off later that afternoon. (And going to Mr. Gatti's with GROWNUPS was certainly a new experience!)


Misadventures of the Dynamic Uno said...

Sounds like you've been having loads of fun. I love the pics though--especially the chant!

I'm sad about the elephant--Hayley thought it was huge when she visited over her Spring Break.

I get to continue setting up the 38 new teachers' rooms today. Yippee. Maybe I'll get something done in my own...I doubt it though.

sftc824 said...

We had a blast working with those guys, but you are absolutely right..they work REALLY hard! I am still coughing and hacking from the mess at AHS. Hope I can talk when school starts.

I spent most of our two workdays setting up teachers' computers, Prometheans, and phones. Had to turn off my light and close the door to hook my own up!!