Tuesday, August 07, 2007

This kiss, this kiss.

from http://www.fototime.com/AAA9BD1B7EE6D6D/orig.jpg

Well, the decades-old mystery of the V-J Day kiss has finally been solved! Lois Gibson, the forensic artist credited by the Guinness World Records folks for having helped police identify more criminal suspects than any other person in history, has determined that 80 year-old Glen McDuffie is the sailor in the famous Eisenstadt photograph.

And he's a TEXAN, like we couldn't have guessed. (Okay, a Tar Heel-turned-Texan, but that's okay, too.)

Read more here. Search for video clip at ABC's Good Morning, America. (Mr. McDuffie just fell in love with Diane Sawyer. He adored her, and it was so sweet...)

Exercise update: Walked/ran a little over 2 miles with the dogs this morning, one at a time, of course. Also, May Bee went down all of the 4 slides in the park...and the scariest, twistiest one TWICE (once forwards and once backwards when she changed her mind too late). One walker stopped dead in her tracks when she saw us coming out of the tunnel slide and told me she sure wished she'd brought her camcorder!

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