Thursday, August 09, 2007

Weather Report

Damon Lane, the Weather Hunk at KTXS, just announced that today was the hottest day of 2007 here in Abilene.

Because it hit 95.

95, people! This has been the BEST SUMMER EVER here in Abilene; meanwhile Karen is up in Virginia and North Carolina, where they're sticky and swimming in humidity and OVER 100 degrees!! (In fact, it's still 102 in Charlotte at 6:18 p.m., Eastern Time.)

Getting ready to take Miss May Bee to the "Dog Days of Summer" pet parade at ArtWalk,

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Jason and Tiffany said...

It's hot enough to make you go postal here. I thought I was going to lose it just walking in to HEB yesterday. They say it will be 100 today but the it will feel like it is between 102 and 108. Stupid humidity. Bleh!