Friday, September 03, 2010

Doggie Splash Day, 2010!


Last year, May Bee and I were forced to skip The Best Day of the Year because of that stupid, awful, horrible operation (that I only survived because of my wonderful family & friends!!), but this year we were out in Full Pale Force (well, I was pale--May Bee, not so much). Dan, Kirsten, Jaeger, and Rhowdie were there...and CHRIS & FALISHA, TOO! They drove all the way from the Metroplex to get in on the fun!

Oh, and we made TWO of Abilene's three 10 o'clock newscasts as we went off the diving board together AND a color pic in the Sunday paper. (Page 12A! Not too shabby, Miss May Bee!) Must have been a slow news day...

Check out the cool page Kirsten, a Creative Memories consultant, made with her CM Storybook!

And then, to end a perfect day, we enjoyed a cookout and concert at HOPE Church of Christ. Here's the last photo I snapped before Chris & Falisha had to head for home. (You can see Thus Far taking the stage behind them!)

The documentary, which aired after the sun went down, was beautiful and touching and wiped me out. It still does. (Thanks to Jessalyn Massingill for her amazing movie and to Thus Far for their beautiful music. I've watched the movie twice...and cried both times.) 

If you ever want to worship your Creator in a place where you will be accepted no matter what, come visit us at HOPE.

Networks from jessalyn massingill on Vimeo.

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