Monday, September 27, 2010

Love dogs? Love New Hampshire?

If you answered "Yes" to one of those questions, you'll be fine. If you answered "Yes" to BOTH of those questions, then prepare for Operation Throat Lump.


Melanie said...

You are sooo right with this one!! I love NH and I like dogs!! This definately is a 'lump in the throat' kinda post!! Where do you find these things?! Thanks for sharing!

mad4books said...

Ha! You are not gonna' believe this, but I saw this one on --but instead of finding a LOLdog that day, I found sweet Lucy climbing a majestic mountain in the most beautiful place I've ever lived...where my oldest friend STILL lives, btw!

Love ya, Mel! When winter gets crazy and the snow is coming in the windows again, you and Pete should jump on a plane and come relax in sunny West Texas. I'll even brave my kitchen ennui to COOK you something!