Monday, September 20, 2010

San Angelo Saturday.

San Angelo was GREAT! One of the best District 1 fall meetings EVER, a delicious lunch at Sealy Flats,  a shopping blitz down Concho Street, and finally, Lily Fest 2010 at San Angelo's International Water Lily Gardens.

Oh, and then when we took Sarah & Jane back to their car, there was a WEDDING happening at the gorgeous San Angelo Visitors Center! What a lovely day...and then...

...when Terry pulls up to the curb in front of my house after the long drive home, she says, "Is your dog SUPPOSED to be in the front yard?"

Apparently, May Bee crashed through the gate in the morning and spent the whole day outside, growling at anyone who came near. (Thank God May Bee is a Karen said, "This could have been tragic.")

Grateful that Man's Best Friend (and my best friend!) is safe and sound,
May Bee's Happy Mama

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Janet Jergins said...

My son, Matthew, wed the beautiful Sarah, last year in front of that water lilly garden, and it was beautiful. Loved your pictures!