Saturday, February 24, 2007

Franklin's last dance.

Mike and I chaperoned Franklin Middle School’s final dance last night. I was all snuggled up with my laptop and a mojito and some panang curry from Ann Thai Kitchen [sic..see below!] when Mike told me that he had to go back up to Franklin to help with the school dance.

I replied, “Tell her I said hello.”

“What? Who? Oh, dadgum it, Kristy, I am NOT having an affair. There really is a dance. Wanna’ come up to Franklin and see?”

“Sure. Let me get my clothes back on.”

I’ll bet he wasn’t expecting THAT answer! :-)

It turned out to be really fun. I saw old friends and even a couple of former Madison students who now attend Franklin. (They knew they could trust me with their digital cameras so I ended up snapping photos! Sure wish I’d taken *our* camera…)

The theme was Black-and-White (Huh? Stinkin’ Lincoln colors? Will Lincoln’s last dance have maroon and white balloons?), but it turned out to be great because I wore black-and-BLING to work yesterday! The sparkly “Library Goddess” shirt looked great in the gym-turned-dance-floor lighting, plus I had on my fake-diamond dangly earrings and my fake-diamond “glasses on a chain” necklace.

Kirsten likes to call this photo "The Haves & the Have-Nots." ;-)

Here are some pics of this morning’s work party and dust storm. Oh, and one of the red sand that accumulated on my windshield wipers in just *minutes* while I was inside Bealls. (I won’t post the pics of the dead pigeon in my parking place…or its head fifteen feet away near the front doors. You’re welcome.)

Oh, and I found a couple of places where you can see the Presidential Kiss video! It’s not the good one that CNN showed where Debbie (who is exactly my age) even hugged and kissed the reporter covering the story, but it will give you an idea of how sweet she is… and then click “Play Video” (the audio is kinda’ messed up on this one…)

And here: Click “Watch the Video.”

Update: After I left work at 6 p.m. (Ms. Merrill & Ms. Batts were still there!), I saw this amazing spectacle...a tree branch blown into the flagpole chain by today's 65 m.p.h. winds.

And now the sun's gone down, and Mike is making mojitos and nachos...with an attentive audience!


Kirsten said... might have been a good idea to move Jason to Round Rock on the day Abilene was beeing 'dusted'!!! It took us 4 hrs when we normally drive 3:15, oh well. We made it and unloaded it all :-)
See pictures eventually on my blog!

Steelerfan06 said...

Sand storms in TX, along with 100+ degree days.....70 mph winds in VA, along with multiple snows and single digit degree days. Bless ya'll's hearts (said while sitting in my hammock and squeezing a lime into my Corona wearing shorts and Hawaiin shirt)!

PS- Ya'll's may not be a word in some places, but it is in the South.

mad4books said...

You're drinking a Corona at 10:42 in the morning? I'm telling Mom.

And the good people at Betty Ford.

(Hey, did I mention that Corona is cheaper in Texas? Limes, too. fyi.)

Steelerfan06 said...

It's 5 o'clock somewhere. :) Speaking of cheap limes, Mandy and I shop at a largely Hispanic oriented supermarket with a nicer produce section than Food Lion. They had mangos and avocados for .78 cents each! I've made two batches of guacamole in the last week!