Thursday, February 15, 2007


Happy birthday wishes to my momma...
who turns the golden 65 today! :-)


bo_berrin said...

Happy Birthday, Mom! We love you sooooooo much!

Whispered behind Mom's back:

Dadgum it, Kristy! I thought I'd really thought of something unique dedicating my blog to Mom today, only to find that you beat me to it by about FIVE HOURS, and it's SO CUTE! Now it looks like I copied your idea. ((sigh)) It's okay, though. Mom still loves me best. ;-)

bo_berrin said...

That's the cutest baby picture EVER!!!

mad4books said...

HA! You can NOT make me jealous because we *all* know who Mom loves best.

(For those out of the loop, it rhymes with "Russell.") :-)

And here's the great part...WE DON'T CARE! We love him best, too!!

Melanie said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. Fowler!! What a GORGEOUS baby picture! It makes total sense to me why you were born the day after Valentine's Day.... there was just too much love to contain it to one day, so God created your birthday to spread the love around even more! :) Hope your day was a special one!!

Love, Melanie

Mom said...

Aw, shucks, Y'all!! I'm a tad overwhelmed at all the "fuss" made over my birthday, but I like all the attention. Now, you children know that I don't play favorites--each one of you has your own special niche: Kristy as the firstborn, Russell as the only boy and the "baby," and Karen as the, uh, the SWEET one, yeah, that's it, the SWEET one! :>) Actually, you are all sweet, funny, and the apple of my eye.

Thank you for your flattery, Kristy, and I must say you "trumped" your siblings!