Thursday, February 22, 2007

Mood swings

Okay, so it’s nearly 5 a.m., and I’m making Melanie Cray’s muffin recipe, but I’m substituting two nasty bananas (that were starting to draw fruit flies!) for the blueberries and replacing the chocolate chips with nuts. All is going well until I start unexpectedly CRYING because of the sweet CNN story about the mentally-challenged Chattanooga lady who didn’t think a kiss on the cheek from President Bush was good enough and made him smooch her on the lips. She also scored a first-rate bear hug from the clearly amused Commander-in-Chief as she received her Volunteer Award!

So, I’m wiping my eyes with the back of my stirring hand and dripping muffin batter all over my pajamas when they go to break and Bonnie Tyler’s “Turn Around...Total Eclipse of the Heart” comes on in an Avis commercial…and I begin laughing, remembering Falisha and Bethany at the ‘Eighties Sing-Along in Austin.

Good thing I work in a middle school with 1,000 other hormonal train wrecks, trapped in the throes of adolescence! No one notices mood swings when you're surrounded by schizophrenic teens... :-)

(At least today I’ll be armed with the comfort of banana-nut muffins.)

Hey, go to CNN and see if you can find the video of the Presidential smoocher. You'll be glad you did. She even kissed the reporter covering the story!

EDIT: Exactly WHAT is going on in that Bonnie Tyler video? I just watched it again, and it makes no sense whatsoever. But if you're a fan of the movie Bandits like Bethany or Karen, this song has a special place in your heart...


Anonymous said...

No-one notices your mood swings? Hah! Some people do and stay out of your way :-)

Nasty or Nice? Only a mother would know, right? Or not...

Melanie said...

Glad to hear two things....
FIRST; that you are adjusting & adding & subtracting to the muffin recipe and it is working out so well!!

And SECONDLY; that I'm not the ONLY one who gets teary-eyed over news pieces... and dare I say Hallmark commercials!! LOL :)

I think blaming it on the 40+ years has a quite a few more miles in it!! You go girlfriend!!

mad4books said...

Okay, I'm OUTING Miss Anonymous! Make it "Frau Anonymous" because poor Kirsten has to work with me.

bo_berrin said...

Could it be that your mood swings are due to the fact that you're BAKING at 4:30 A.M.??? Remember the Dunkin' Donuts guy who woke up saying, "Time to make the donuts"? Even HE slept in till 5!

But seriously, I remember when I was a pregnant Navy wife living in Philadelphia and not knowing anybody, with my husband out to sea on standby in the Gulf war, and I was an emotional trainwreck. A Heinz ketchup commercial made me burst into tears once! Some of those commercials should come with a warning!

Get some rest, Sister! ;-)

mad4books said...

You burst into tears while watching a commercial WHILE PREGNANT? Makes perfect sense to me. (I went through a lot of mascara that nine months.)

You don't think I'm...surely I'm couldn't're not suggesting???

;-) I'm not.