Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wordless Wednesday


bo_berrin said...

I remember that day! We had fun that weekend, didn't we? :)

mad4books said...

Yes, we did! Let's go again. (Maybe next time, they'll hold it in the fall.)


Steelerfan06 said...

I thought we had the same camera, but apparently yours has a setting mine lacks. In addition to auto timer, no flash, and black/white, your camera must have the tripping on
acid/hallucination feature. :-)

mad4books said...

You just press the mushroom button. Yours doesn't have that?


(JK. This was from Kirsten's fancy-schmancy digital...which is so cool, it probably *does* have a mushroom option on the menu.)

Kirsten said...

Well, don't knock my camera! It worked pretty well...or so I thought until we saw those pictures :-)
Yeah, maybe my child will still live in Austin/Round Rock and we can camp out there? Will just have to ask him about that one.
Funny that Kristy posted these today, as I just saw these pictures yesterday when I was cleaning up my overworked laptop!

irene said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! I just linked to your blog from "brooklyn & beyond"--saw the comment about Abilene and thought, "hmmm, I may know this person." What a fun blog! Bethany is all grown up! Yikes! I'll be checking in! ~Irene

Linda said...

Was this taken in 2005? The little Freeman girls have gotten prettier, haven't they? That's a trend that will only continue to get better, as young people bloom into beautiful young adults!

My thoughts turn to 2007, and Wurstfest possibilities. What a hoot that would be!


bo_berrin said...

LOL at "the Mushroom button"!