Saturday, April 14, 2007

At least it's interesting.

This weather is krazy with a K.

Recent tornado drill in the library.

THURSDAY, the dogs and I took a walk in the park (their last walk together, btw...I have BLISTERS on my hands from trying to control a Lab and a "Weimador" simultaneously!), and it was HOT. Really hot. (When we got back to Traveller, the Tribute, all three of us drank and drank and drank and panted and tried to cool off.)

FRIDAY after school, a dust storm dropped the temperature by at least twenty degrees and made me rip the contacts out of my eyes.

SATURDAY morning, whipping winds woke me up and made our morning trip to Canine Corner of the yard particularly miserable. All the Dumpsters in the alley are lying on their sides, and it's FREEZING in this house.

Dallas had it worse than we did yesterday--tornadoes touched down there, and the Metroplex had at least one death. Last night, my college roommate Linda called me accidentally, trying to check on her other friend (named Cristy) who rode out the storm lying in her bathtub. Linda (the one my family calls "Kristy's Imaginary Friend" because I've been talking about her since 1984...and yet, they've never actually *seen* her) was having dinner with another ACU friend (also named Linda, because all my Imaginary Friends are named after my mother) when their waiter escorted them to the kitchen. All of the Olive Garden patrons spent the worst part of the storm in the kitchen of the Olive Garden, ready to enter the walk-in if the tornadoes got any closer.

Linda laughed when I told her I'd LOVE to take shelter in an Olive Garden kitchen..."I call the shelf next to the Alfredo Sauce!!"

No Alfredo Sauce here...but plenty of books to protect your noggin!

So, anyway, Linda and her friends all escaped unscathed (even Cristy in her bathtub), and May Bee had a fun Friday, too...she celebrated her first birthday with BRISKET mixed with kibble for dinner.

Happy Birthday, May Bee!!


Kirsten said...

Did I miss another Tornado drill in school? According to the books the kids are holding you must have had a duck and cover yesterday. Sorry I threw out my back. But believe me when I say I would have rather stayed in school!

mad4books said...

No, this is the one we had a couple of weeks ago. You were there for the fun!

I'm so sorry about your back...what awful misery!! Stay home until you're better--surely we can give the TAKS test without you.

(BTW, what's the only thing worse than back pain? Toothache. Or being forced to listen to Styx.)

Melanie said...

Hmmm(pondering), it does make sense to have 'tornado drills' in school... we only ever had 'fire drills'!!

BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS... I sing their praises all the time! They are an instant companion during those long waits in dr. offices or mechanic shops. They are a perfect & cheap way to take a vacation (I can visit any country I want in reading a book!). They can fill time instead of being bored or lonely! Not to mention all that one can learn from reading a book! :) ETC. ETC. ETC. ... and now I can add, "they can save your 'noggin' in a tornado!" :) I love it!

ALL TEASING ASIDE.... I sure hope the books never have to be put to the test in your school! Just how long is tornado season??? (OR is this a year 'round possibility??)