Thursday, April 19, 2007

Happy News. All happy. All the time.

Need a hug? You're not alone.


Have you seen this? Apparently, this guy Jacob lost a bunch of weight and pledged to himself that he'd finish the Boston Marathon. It's no spoiler to tell you that he did...and DEAD LAST, nine hours later. He joked that the Kenyans were already back in Africa celebrating as he crossed the Finish Line...and as of 4:45 this morning, he had eight pages of positive, encouraging comments from fans. :-)


EXPLANATORY NOTE: Last night, my heart ached after watching the news...the hospitalized Virginia Tech kids, a package of insane hate sent to NBC's Rockefeller Plaza, the preacher's wife beginning her murder trial, a string of local burglaries, and the lead story, a three-car wreck on Buffalo Gap at about 6:45 last night caused by a (possibly alcohol-impaired) woman going 80 miles an hour. (Guess who else was on Buffalo Gap road last night at 6:45? Just ten blocks in the other direction, and she might have hit "Miss Kristy," on her way to photograph kindergarteners for our package to Kenya...)

And the thought of the upcoming 2008 campaign Media Onslaught? Yikes. Mud slinging. Posturing. Posing. Criticizing. Hilary. Sniping about John Edwards' $400(?!) haircuts. Debates. Dread.

It was hard for me to get to sleep...and then I didn't STAY asleep. (Personal problems didn't help the situation.)

WARNING: So prepared to get lots of Happy News from the blog above. And cute pictures from Flickr. And funny YouTubes. And NetFlix recommendations. (I just returned _Seven Up/Seven Plus Seven_...two good documentaries on one DVD. _Les Choristes_ was amazing. I bought two happy movies recently, too: _Danny Deckchair_ and _Bride & Prejudice_!)

Taking a break from bad news,


irene said...

I LOVED this post. The Utube is great! I don't know what I would've done if I'd seen someone holding up a sign for free hugs. Now, I would definitely hug, but before....not sure. My favorite was the little, old lady (the first hugger)how she caressed his face after. VERY SWEET.

A few months after the war began after 9/11 I pretty much stopped watching the news. It's too hard. I also couldn't sleep, it was just too much. I read a little here and there on-line but even then, I can't do it often. It may be weak, but at this point in my life, I need my bubble.

bo_berrin said...

I love the Free Hugs video! I think it was you who first showed it to me, and I showed it to Houston who's had it on his MySpace page for months!

Thanks for a happy spot in my day. You ALWAYS make me smile. :-)