Friday, April 06, 2007

Josh & Misha got married.

That's right.

I couldn't bear to clean all of Joshua's hair out of Misha's dog I buried some of his hair with Misha's under the beautiful Bridal Wreath Spirea that's in full bloom right now. (Karen told me the name of it; I don't know a thing about plants.)

What Karen *didn't* tell me is that the delicate blooms fall apart if they're touched. As I tamped down the dirt where Misha and Joshua's hair now lies entwined, my elbow must have bumped into the flowing branches, and lovely white petals fell like confetti all over the newlyweds.

(Lump. Throat. Can't swallow...but am somehow smiling from ear to ear...the two best dogs I've ever known are now husband and wife!)

Happy Good Friday, everyone,
The Hopeless Romantic


UPDATE: It's now Saturday. And it's snowing. SNOWING!! It wasn't snowing this morning when I took the dogs to Special Corner, but the steps were a little slippery and sparkly. If it sticks, I'll post some pics...


Misadventures of the Dynamic Uno said...

How sweet! Did they at least get somethng good to eat in celebration?

I can't believe it's slightly snowing! It's in the mid-eighties here and VERY sunny.

Misadventures of the Dynamic Uno said...

OK--just watched the otters holding hands--HOW CUTE IS THAT?! When they drifted apart I was a little sad, but when the little otter grabbed the other otter's had again-it looked like he/she kissed it and they continued to float together. (What a great metaphor for life and marriage...Now I'm rambling...)

bo_berrin said...

This was very sweet of you. It comforts me that someone else also misses Josh. I don't remember a single day that's passed without me thinking of him and missing him. He was the best.

I used to have a bird's nest that blew out of a tree in the yard in Virginia. It was completely lined with Josh's hair that I used to pull out of the brush and leave in the yard. Wish I still had it.

"Lump. Throat. Can't swallow." Ditto.

Ben is turning out to be a total sweetheart, and I'm falling totally in love with him, too. I look forward to a long friendship with my newest fuzzy buddy.

I loved the otters, and agree with M.O.T.D. Uno. Great metaphor!