Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy Weekends.

Last weekend, Kayla and David renewed their wedding vows in the Wooten Ballroom at N. 3rd and Cypress...a beautiful location hidden in the heart of downtown. It was lovely and touching, but I nearly fell out of my chair when Brother Hubbard opened with the word "mawwiage." His ceremony was touching and thoughtful, Kayla's dress was beautiful, the cake was the coolest I've ever seen, and I had a lump in my throat throughout the entire wedding.

By the way, there is no lonely like attending-a-wedding-by-yourself-lonely. After Kirsten's son gets married this summer, I'll never go to another wedding by myself. (Except for Bethany's wedding...I would do anything for that girl, and I can bite the bullet for a day.)

Thank goodness for girlfriends! They pick you up when you're down, encourage, sympathize, administer advice, and give you a swift kick in the britches when you need it. They also pick you up and take you to San Angelo for a little Retail Therapy...even if you're broke and just browse and oooh and ahhh and try on ridiculous sunglasses.

My cheapest purchase of the day? A Billy Graham book for a quarter. My most expensive present of the day? Dad's birthday present, a signed copy of Texas C.S.A. for, well...not a quarter.

For lunch, we ate "Skinny Enchiladas" at Fuentes Cafe and enjoyed the best, strongest margaritas any of us have had in ages! It was just the fuel we needed to hit the pavement and breeze in and out of more thrift stores, book stores, and boutiques.

We happened to hit San Angelo the weekend of a Classic Car show. We got to see lots of cool old cars and were treated to free music all day as bands played in the parking lot between Sassy Fox and Cactus Books.
And today is Mission Sunday at S. 11th & Willis Church of Christ. This morning's special contribution will attempt to raise $10,000 for Sam's Place Orphanage, we will pray for the safety and success of Stephen Greek (my cousin) and Simeon Ongiri and Charles Otieno, and the Kindergarten-2nd grade girls made cards and are sending money for Hollye Conway to buy dolls or toys (or medicine or breakfast bars and milk or whatever she thinks is best) for the little girls of the Nairobi Street Kids Ministry.

Life is so good. Thank you, Father.



Kirsten said...

Glad you had a Happy Saturday out with the girls!! What fun you must've had. Monday comes way to soon! I'll spend my day on the couch and walking around as always. Owww...looking forward to PT this week!

Linda said...


The girls day out looks great! I'm celebrating the fact that I've FOUND my blog by trying to leave you a comment!!

Have a good week.

bo_berrin said...

What a fun day! (I think I spotted "The Sassy Fox" in your photos, but it wasn't a store!)

And God bless Steve Greek and the mission in Kenya! I need to send a contribution!

Misadventures of the Dynamic Uno said...

I LOVE the glasses! I hate going alone to weddings as well--they make me melancholy. Glad to see you survived TAKS! One more month and we're outta there! (At least for a few weeks.) ;)