Sunday, April 29, 2007

Happy Weekend!

As I'm on a quest for All Things Happy, this weekend has definitely been a success.

Friday night: Dinner with The Girls at Chili's and then Bronco Bonco at Rita's house...where everyone who witnessed my Full Body Freakout on Rita's deck (I walked into a spiderweb--it stretched right across my face and hair!) enjoyed lotsa laughs.

We'd sipped Kahlua mudslides during the first few rounds of Bonco when the ladies took a dessert break; since I was still full from dinner and wanted to avoid Sugary Temptation, I asked Rita if it was okay to go out on her beautiful lakeside redwood deck. She got the key to unlock the deadbolt and let me step outside...into the most enormous, mouth-filling spiderweb in Abilene. It was in my hair, on my lips, caught in my was ALL OVER MY HEAD!! In the spasms of Gross Out that came next, the sunglasses that had been resting on the top of my head flew a good six feet across the deck while I repeatedly hit myself, trying to knock all the spiders and web off of me.

And while my hysterics were funny to everyone who saw them, the part that really made us lose it--me, included--was Libby's reaction. Libby, right behind me, witnessed my Freak Out and unsure of what was going on, wondering what kind of seizure or episode I was having, DECIDED THE MOST PRUDENT COURSE OF ACTION WAS TO STEP BACK INTO THE HOUSE. Libby, the only one of us with medical training, decided to abandon the poor fool out on the deck, slapping herself silly and stamping her feet and dancing wildly across the deck screaming nonsense syllables.

It took ages for Libby, Rita, and me to regain our composure, and I can honestly say that I haven't laughed that hard in MONTHS! I didn't win a single dollar, but it was still fun, fun, fun.

Then Saturday morning, after BodyPump class and "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" on NPR, it was time to take May Bee for a walk & run. (Now that Gold's Gym has dropped my favorite Saturday morning PowerPump marathon...step, weights, and Awesome Abs classes back to back...there's no aerobics in my weekend workouts unless we go to the park.)

IT WAS SO FUN!!! It was March of Dimes Walkathon Weekend! Balloons! Boy Scouts! Baby strollers! Teams of pregnant ladies walking/waddling together, supporting and encouraging each other! Free stuff! An inflatable air castle! A climbing wall! A big blue mascot!

And although signs like this one were kind of depressing...
...signs like this one were encouraging:

I quickly learned to avoid the sad signs and slow walkers by walking and running in the opposite direction of the teams. This way, I wasn't bummed out by the sad signs (did you know that 100,000 cocaine-exposed babies are born EVERY year? Yikes!), and May Bee and I could run our traditional fast stretches.

Oh, and check this's the free UNMANNED water station #2:

If this had been Houston, the March of Dimes people would have returned to find that chest, water bottles, and folding chairs...had been stolen. (I LOVE MY HOMETOWN!!! Abilenians who weren't thirsty or who weren't registered MOD walkers skipped by this table without stopping, even though it was HOT yesterday; official team walkers who needed a drink took one...and only one...on their way back to the YMCA.)

May Bee received a free lei from the men at the Precision Heating and Air Conditioning tent, set up on the back stretch of the park. She took only seconds to demolish it. (It's amazing how much plastic is in those little things!!) For the rest of our walk, May Bee had streamers blowing in the wind behind her...the ruins of her red lei...

Well, it's nearly time for "Sunday Baroque" to go off KACU, so it's time to get a leash on my favorite walking buddy and hit the track again. Tonight is church at Hope Church of Christ, and I have a "wedding present" for Kayla & David...a DVD and a package of microwave celebrate the renewal of their vows.

Oh, and that reminds me! You know how last Sunday was Mission Sunday at S. 11th and Willis? We were hoping to raise $10,000 dollars to build an orphanage in Kenya...and at last count, they were up to $17,000!

God is good, all the time.


Kirsten said...

Well, you sure had a full weekend! I better get my pictures up soon also :-)
To bad I wasn't here on Saturday. Jaeger would have loved to see all those balloons. We should have let the dogs loose on them...that would have been a bang!

Sandra said...

I was imagining the scene if your friend did indeed help you get rid of those spiderwebs .... both of you jumping up and down in unisom and hitting you upside the head and the face .... you should be glad she didn't! Thanks for the visual!

Melanie said...

OH MY WORD!! I haven't laughed this hard since.... hmmm, well, it has been quite a while! THEN, I had to read it to my kids and they were in hysterics along with me!! They commented the only thing better would be to have had a video camera rolling!! Yes, they do have a very ticklish funny bone!Thanks for sharing your story!! :))) And, not to worry.... my kids laugh as hard at me when I freak out too!! (Like the time a mouse came out of the dog food bag with the scoop of dogfood that I had in my hand!) LOL :)))

mad4books said...

I am telling you the honest truth...if I ever came up out of the dog food bag with a scoop full of MOUSE, well...I'd still be running.

They'd only find me when I hit the Pacific and had to stop!


Misadventures of the Dynamic Uno said...

The itsy bitsy spider....TOO FUNNY! Although I would have done the same thing--I hate creepy crawlies--especially the ones with eight legs!