Wednesday, November 19, 2008

May Bee=Nina Simone.

Molly called it. The best dog ever, Joshua, would have sung just like Bing Crosby.

On the other hand, Karen and I have decided that May Bee would sound like Nina Simone. Some of my favorite Nina Simone YouTube clips are below...and if you know May Bee at all, you'll know I'm telling the truth.

(Warning: The third one, from a French documentary with graphic Civil Rights footage, is pretty tough to watch. In this particular clip, Nina admits "If I'd had my way, I'd've been a killer.")

UPDATE: Well, it happened. I watched May Bee kill a squirrel who made a less-than-stellar leap from our back fence to the China berry tree. There was much violence and screaming (the squirrel) and angst (me) and inability to breathe (the squirrel and me) and smug victory (May Bee). I woke Houston up with a bowl of tamales to soften the blow of what I was about to ask him to do...put the squirrel in a make-shift coffin (an empty Gain detergent box). RIP, little buddy.

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