Saturday, November 08, 2008

Inspiration all around...

Wednesday was both sad and wonderful, filled with emotion and examples of spirit and generosity.

The day started with Kirsten, who volunteered to keep the library open and watch another teacher's class during Mike Peterson's funeral.

And then the moving funeral for Mr. Peterson, a fellow NCJC alum who was bold for Jesus and marched to the beat of a different drummer. We both loved Tolkien and Lewis, and I recently lent him the amazing book Prayer: Does It Make a Difference? He's been after me for years to read The Catch Colt, but I always had some excuse about why I was too busy. (It will be the very next book I read, and even if it's not a tear-jerker, it's a pretty sure bet I'm gonna' cry.) After a long illness, Mike is now completely healed...and completely home.

At church Wednesday night, I was inspired by the two young Jonathans and Brandon. All in their twenties, these young men show a spirit and dedication that inspires us old folks! (One is collecting blankets and socks and toiletries for the homeless, one is heading up the men's camping trip, and another is teaching the class from Lee Strobel's The Case for Creation, written by a former atheist who came to Christ trying to prove to his wife that the Bible was just a great work of literature.)

Then, when we passed the hat to help one of our members buy food, Hannah asked me if she could put ten percent of her Christmas money in the collection. Her generous spirit just blew me away as she dropped her gift in his hat (twice what I'd given, by the way).

And then, after church, we all drove to the Jacob's Dream sculpture on the ACU campus and choked back tears of happiness as our preacher baptized his oldest son. What a wonderful day! What a sad and happy and blessed day...

P.S. Karen and the kids and May Bee and I are headed to this house now to drink hot chocolate and write our favorite Scriptures on the studs of the house Cathie & Daniel are building!

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