Monday, November 10, 2008

Speechless Monday.

Yeah, that's right.

Those are my parents.


Kirsten said...

Hey, Mom, Dad,

Kristy is jealous! She can't wait till she gets to ride on the Motorcycle! And she really wants that leather jacket - LOL!

You guys better be careful, those things fall way to easy and the end result isn't good! Now, you just have to move to Texas so you can ride in the sunshine :-)

Linda said...

Our friend's camera shows the date as 2/11/08, but it was actually 11/2/08. That Sunday afternoon ride was invigorating, but we probably won't take another ride until next Spring. The weather is getting too cool--it's supposed to get down to 26 degrees tonight!

Have we lost our minds? Yeah, probably! But we'll find it again, next week when we go deer hunting on our farm.


Tom said...

Ich lieben meine motorad, und ich lieben meine frau. I also like Linda's leather jacket. She is a good rider, and we enjoyed seeing the turning leaves. It is good to be alive. I believe we will have some Indian summer days when we can ride again.

Nice blog...even though you are speechless.


Melanie said...

Watch out world... here they come! HOW EXCITING!! :) I have to say, yup, at first I was speechless... but now I say "GO FOR IT!"

One thing to be said for sure, 'Kristy, your parents are NOT going to watch their golden years from a rocking chair! They are going to LIVE them!'

How awesome is that!?!
Love, Melanie

mad4books said...

Melanie, Karen and I laughed so hard reading your comment because we had JUST BEEN WONDERING about how those two wild and crazy parents had somehow given birth to me (the asthmatic librarian who only wants to stay home with her dog and her books). Karen often jokes that I was "born ninety."

So it turns out that *I'll* be the one in the rocking chair watching my parents' Golden Years roll by...or rock on, as the case may be...