Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Update!

PHOTO UPDATE: Thanksgiving pictures below. Focus less on the maggot casserole (which looked *even more* disgusting if you ran your hand up and down under the flimsy foil pan, making the casserole...well, undulate) and focus more on all the happiness. Thank you to Karen and her kids for being wonderful housemates! Thanks also to Bethany and Falisha and Chris for coming to town and making our very first Thanksgiving in this new house a real reason for giving thanks in our new HOME...

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Still thankful, even though I'm all hot and sweaty from cooking, and the homemade cranberry chutney I made has the kids gasping and choking that "the house stinks!"

Oh, and my bright idea to add cereal to the tops of 2 of the 3 sweet potato casseroles I made this morning? BAD IDEA.

Now we know why the school cafeteria ladies use corn flakes...because if you use "Alf's Natural Nutrition Brown Rice Cereal," it looks like your casseroles are sportin' maggots.

(You think I'm lying? I'm driving up to school to get the library's camera.)

Oh, and the inspiration to substitute golden raisins instead of regular raisins in the chutney? NOT GOOD. After cooking, golden raisins look like peas. It looks like I'm bringing Cranberry Pea Chutney to Kirsten's party.

(This is why people always put me in charge of napkins and nuts.)

Still thankful, though! What a wonderful time of year! In fact, one *good* thing about this morning's culinary fiascos was the ability to watch John Hodgman's TED speech three times on my laptop, perched precariously on the kitchen counter.

Hope your Thanksgiving preparations are going well! Chris, Falisha, and Bethany will ALL be under this roof tonight, Lord willing, and that's better than ANY casserole or chutney...


Kirsten said...

So you are saying the vegetarian Bethany has to eat "Maggots" poor thing!! That is why I will never be on "Survivor" :-)

Looking forward to tomorrow, but now I have to take a nap...cookies and pies have made me sleepy...oh, I have more pie and cake to bake...will have to wait till after my nap!

Bluebonnetgirl said...

Okay, if you went to the school to get the camera, then where are the photos of the "pea chutney" and "maggot casserole"? I thought I taught you better than that! I always put you in charge of the SALAD the the chocolate chip cookies, remember? And your King Arthur Stoneground Whole Wheat banana bread is terrific! Hint for future reference: Stay with the tried and true!

The Dynamic Uno said...

At least you get to try and cook something! I'm only allowed to make deviled eggs--because you can't really mess them up. :) Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!