Tuesday, August 25, 2009

DOUBLY tickled!

myfitnessabilene.com PSA from infocusdigital on Vimeo.

This is CRAZY! Just *hours* after I posted our "15 minutes of fame" in Texas Fish & Game magazine, the new commercial for myfitnessabilene.com was released!

See if you can spot Karen's two beautiful daughters (TWICE!), my fat legs, and our newest (4-footed) family member, Dolly. Dolly is getting quite the ego, btw...she's only lived in Abilene for eight months, and she's been in TWO different commercials. (You can catch her first cameo here.)

We're lucky to be on our SIXTEENTH moment of fame 'round these parts!!!


Melanie said...

What a cool commercial! :) And yes, I did stop the frame to make sure I saw you & the girls... and the newest dog! :)HURRAY FOR YOU GUYS (GALS)!

blueridgeguy said...

Well...I loved the commercial, but wished for more face time for the Brittany and my girls...

let's have more, and slower frames, guys. You all were looking great.