Thursday, August 13, 2009

Stars and stripes (and FRINGE) forever!

Did you enjoy yesterday's guest blogger, a.k.a. "Tater Gauge?" Well, since I had to remove all the video clips I'd put on the school's borrowed Flip camera before school begins, here's a smidge of Tate that made me smile..

Oh, and speaking of Super Sport...she recently enjoyed participating in the Fowler Family Tacky Game.

What is that, you might ask? Here's the gist: While Fowlers are guests in each others' homes, we like to hide/strategically locate tacky or unusual items in fun places. Ugly ties, macrame owls, comically bad DVDs, feathered dreamcatchers, futuristic coffee mugs, naughty ashtrays, etc.--all good FUN!

Russell and Amanda Faye recently upped the ante last Christmas by adding a new *reverse* twist: Instead of being the butt of the joke by having items hidden in their home, they worked diligently to hide things in the VISITING Fowler's car. (The best one was a Menudo album, securely tucked into the mesh netting behind the passenger seat, found while searching for a map of Austin in February...that's right, A MONTH after leaving Charlotte. Bethany was at the wheel, getting ready to turn left onto I-35 when I popped up with a Menudo album instead of a helpful map, and we laughed our way onto the interstate!)

So, anyway, Monday morning, Tay Tay enlisted Bethany and Dottie to keep me occupied while she hid a really atrocious top in my luggage. ..several sizes too small and completely, deliciously I wore it to Librarians' Staff Development yesterday.

Joke's on YOU, Tay Tay!

(Just kidding. In fact, we all had a hard time keeping a straight face for the camera after I changed into this Fashion Faux Pas!)Thanks for the laughs, Tater Bug!

UPDATE: Surgery Monday. Prayers, please! Prayers for KAREN would be prudent and appreciated, too; she has informed me that I was a rather "challenging patient" the last time she played Florence Nightingale during the Giant Jaw Surgery of 1994!


Kirsten said...

Oh, how disappointing is that, none of the pictures she shows "hip skin" is on this post. I'll have to bribe someone to send them to me!
You all did good hiding this in her suitcase, I am just wondering who it did belong to in the first place???

Bluebonnetgirl said...

Kris, you look so happy to be back in your element! You're such a beautiful lady; and doggone it, I LIKE that shirt!